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Employment law is often litigated. Zamzow Fabian PLLC primarily assists employers. Employees in highly specialized positions, managers and executives, pre-employment contract review, and employees with a contract may also seek representation. We offer a long-term relationship and careful guidance to structure and develop employment strategies. Business Law heavily overlaps this area of practice, see Zamzow Fabian PLLC's business attorneys for more information.

Our attorneys represent employers and executives.

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Employment Law.
At Zamzow Fabian PLLC, we extend our expertise to guide private sector entities through the complexities of the employer-employee dynamic. Our approach is grounded in pragmatism; we prioritize minimizing risk and preventing unwarranted litigation. While our primary focus is on assisting employers, we also offer representation to employees in niche roles, such as executives or those with specific contractual needs. We're committed to forging enduring partnerships, providing thoughtful counsel to cultivate sound employment practices.

General Employment Law. Employment law serves as the backbone of the working world, codifying the rules and relationships between employers and employees. Within Michigan's dynamic business landscape, understanding these guidelines is crucial. It ensures both parties are respected and the relationship is upheld to foster a fair work environment.

Zamzow Fabian brings a meticulous approach to general employment law. We believe in proactive counseling to avoid disputes and foster an atmosphere of mutual respect. Whether it's advising businesses on best practices, drafting policies, or ensuring compliance, our commitment is unwavering. It's not just about legalities; it's about creating better more productive workplaces.
Non-Competition. Restrictive covenants, such as non-competition and non-solicitation clauses, severely damage both sides of the employment market. If they are used wisely, they can preserve core interests of a businesses, and unwisely they have quickly can have a deleterious impact on employers and employees. In Michigan, the lens of scrutiny is focused on the reasonability of these stipulations. It is designed to protect invaluable business assets like trade secrets, but they are only enforceable only when they don’t overstep the boundaries of fair competition and the individual free market.

At Zamzow Fabian, our primary goal is to navigate this intricate balance. We're dedicated to ensuring that these covenants not only protect a legitmate business interests but also withstand legal scrutiny. Our holistic approach encompasses drafting, reviewing, enforcing, and defending against these clauses.
Employment Litigation. Disputes within the employment realm can be complex and challenging, potentially disrupting the workplace and impacting company morale. Tackling these disputes demands an intricate understanding of both the law and the unique circumstances at hand.

At Zamzow Fabian, we champion fair, just, and ethical resolutions. With a focus on employment litigation, we navigate the intricate legal landscape, from wrongful termination claims to wage disputes. Our approach is balanced — aiming to protect employers' interests — yet being cognizant of the rights of employees. In every case, we strive for a resolution that upholds justice and restores a motivated workforce.
Other Employment Law. Beyond the traditional scope of employment law, there exists a myriad of nuanced situations that demand specialized attention. Whether it's intricate employee contract disputes, non-traditional work arrangements, or other unique scenarios, a tailored approach is essential.

Zamzow Fabian delves deep into these particularized matters, ensuring that all parties are treated equitably and justly. We prioritize understanding the specifics of every case, aiming to provide both guidance and representation that aligns with the complexities at hand. Whether an employer or employee, you can trust our expertise in these compelling and distinct employment law issues.
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