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Power To Change. We provide exceptional service to our clients. When the only option is to take the issue to the judge and jury — don't back down. And, sometimes lawsuits can help develop the truth and bring an unreasonable person to see reality.

Zamzow Fabian lawyers are ready for your case.
Commercial Litigation
Business litigation is a category of its own. Michigan provides a business docket for such disputes, to create an efficiency and environment for a speedy resolution. An experienced law firm will guide you through your case.
Prepare a Defense
If you have been sued, it is important to act quickly. Start speaking with an attorney today and avoid a costly and accidental loss. A lawyer needs the summons and complaint to get started. Call our law firm now for more details.
Plaintiff's Action
Far too often litigation is the only option to remedy a sever dispute. Our firm has recovered substantial sums of money and other remedies on behalf of our clients. If your dispute is contractual, call our law firm immediately.
Commercial Litigation
Risk Management. Disputes between two businesses must be resolved as efficiently as possible. Protecting intellectual property, enforcing contractual rights, and securing payment are frequently the foundation of any commercial dispute. The uniform commercial code has created a more certain business environment, but even the code doesn't always have the most obvious answer. Commercial litigation is generally expansive term, it largely describes every category disagreement that could arise in a commercial or business context. The most common cases are breach of contract, disputes between partners or members, nonconformity, and transportation issues. Hiring the best law firm for your dispute can make the difference between a big win and a little win, a little loss and a big loss. How you decide to manage your case largely depends on your budget, and that is something you must discuss with your case attorney early on.
Defense Litigation
Building Certainty. Hiring an attorney for your defense will help to immediately put your mind at ease. In particular if you've been wrongfully or unjustly sued it is most important to defend yourself aggressively and immediately. Fortunately, most law firms in West Michigan will not bring cases that are considered wrongful or unjust, but some cases still slip through the cracks. A law firm that can maintain a professional and cordial relationship with the opposing counsel can ease the transfer of evidence and help bring the two parties to a quick conclusion. We have seen a number of cases filed that on their face would result in severe inequity, don't get caught in a default by thinking the judge will spot the inequity and rule in your favor. It is your responsibility to defend yourself.
Plaintiff's Action
Find Results. The first step is the phone call, our law firm will make a quick and initial assessment to judge whether or not Zamzow Fabian could help from a very brief overview of your case. Next, we meet with the potential plaintiffs to take a closer look at the factual allegations and determine whether or not the case fits with our practice area and whether or not the courts are the proper place for the dispute. Even if we reject your case, we will do our best to direct you to another attorney, to get a second opinion, and point you closer to your objective. If we believe you have a case that can produce a favorable result for you, as well as justify the cost of litigation, together we talk strategically about how we should prosecute your case. Every case is a little different, but clients are generally able to communicate with their case attorney any time of the day via email or phone call.
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