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Real Estate Zoning and Land Use

Transactional and Litigation Real Estate Real estate transactions can be complex and risky, so seeking guidance from an experienced real estate attorney is essential to protect your interests and save money. Zamzow Fabian PLLC offers expert legal support for real estate issues in an efficient and tailored manner. We provide comprehensive assistance throughout transactions, including drafting letters of intent, purchase agreements, lending documents, and handling closing and ongoing needs.

We provide real property legal advice and guidance.
Implement your Michigan real property goals.
Our clients are counseled on risk and are offered full service.
Understand your real property transaction and make informed decisions.
Experienced attorneys turn your plan into reality.
Real Estate Acquisition and Disposition
The real estate attorneys at Zamzow Fabian PLLC have the experience and resources to assist clients with real estate purchases and sales throughout the state of Michigan. Our attorneys work with clients to ensure that transactions are completed efficiently and cost effectively. Our real estate attorneys work with clients to facilitate all types of transactions, including:
Commercial Real Estate Acquisition and Disposition We represent commercial real estate developers, single and multi-family residential developers, businesses selling and buying real estate, and agricultural businesses in the purchase and sale of real estate. These commercial real estate transactions can become quite complicated, our attorneys work with real estate brokers, title insurance companies, environmental consultants, surveyors, and state and local government officials to provide our clients reliable advice and effective representation.
Residential Real Estate Acquisition and Disposition Buying and selling a home is the largest investment that most Americans will ever make. The average Grand Rapids home is listed at $208,000. Most real estate sales are facilitated through the use of a real estate broker/agent. It is important to have an experienced Grand Rapids real estate attorney work with the real estate broker to ensure your interests are protected. Our real estate lawyers have a vast knowledge of real estate law and have the resources to help you achieve your desired result.

The standard forms published by real estate organizations, are good for many real estate transactions, but may not be a good fit for your transaction. We draft and negotiate purchase agreements to efficiently complete your real estate transaction and ensure that your deed is properly transferred. Don’t rely on common-law or statutory duties of the seller to disclose defects in real estate.

Land Contracts A land contract is an agreement for the sale of real estate, where the buyer (vendee) makes a down payment to the seller (vendor) and then pays the remainder of the purchase price, plus interest in installments over a fixed period of time. Land contracts are an attractive option to buyers and sellers alike, but land contracts do not come without their risks. Our land contract attorneys can help both buyers and sellers handle a number of issues that come about with land contracts, including: title searches, obtaining clear title, property inspections, transfer taxes, and down payment issues. Before entering into an agreement consult a land contract attorney at Zamzow Fabian PLLC.
For Sale by Owner Transactions Selling your home yourself (by owner) can save you thousands of dollars in relators’ commissions (4% on $200,000 is $8,000), but can also open you up to potential liabilities and risks. If you are considering selling your home without the help of a relator it is important to retain an experienced lawyer who can help you complete your transaction while minimizing your risks. The for sale by owner attorneys at Zamzow Fabian PLLC can draft the purchase agreement, review title work, clear title problems, handle inspection issues, hold escrow deposits, and review closing documents.
Commercial Real Estate Finance
Zamzow Fabian PLLC is capable of structuring transactions for both lenders and borrowers to develop and maintain real estate projects of all sizes. Our skilled commercial real estate finance lawyers have experience with various types of loan transactions.
Securities and Syndication Our attorneys also have experience in raising capital through real estate syndication. This includes creating offering memorandums and the related subscription agreements.
Mortgage & Foreclosure Law
Mortgage Closings. Our attorneys can help you through the closing process and facilitate your transaction. An experienced attorney will help you understand what you are signing when you sign your mortgage agreement. Our attorneys will give you the piece of mind of knowing your interests are protected.

For more information view our article on Mortgages and Creditors Rights During Foreclosure.
Real Estate Development Law
At Zamzow Fabian PLLC, our real estate development attorneys understand what is at stake and work diligently to protect your interests and facilitate your development project. We have the experience and resources to assist with all aspects of there project form start to finish.

We begin by evaluation and acquisition of the property, this includes drafting purchase agreements and other documents necessary to purchase the property for development, after acquisition we assist clients in a wide variety of issues, including the following:

Our attorneys work with all parties involved in the real estate development to efficiently and cost effectively complete your project. Contact our real estate development law attorneys to move forward with your development.

Construction Law Our attorneys have an in depth understand of construction law and the construction industry in general. The construction law attorneys at Zamzow Fabian PLLC serve as counsel to clients for construction projects of any size or scope. Our construction law services include:

We look forwarding to working with you. Contact our construction law attorneys to move forward with your project.
Leasing & Property Management Law
Property managers fall into unique position situated between property owners and renters, for this reason property managers require specific legal assistance. The property management attorneys at Zamzow Fabian PLLC have extensive experience in all aspects of property management law. Our attorneys understand the need for clear, comprehensive contracts between the property manager and the property owner; they also understand the value of clear and fair leases that allow property managers to increase their occupancy rate. Although we strive to eliminate litigation before it occurs, it is sometimes inevitable, and when it does occur our attorneys are skilled in negotiating landlord-tenant issues and handles litigation such as evictions and collections. Contact our leasing & property management lawyers to maximize your profit and minimize your risk.
Landlord Tenant Law
At Zamzow Fabian PLLC we provide legal representation to both commercial and residential landlords.

We work with landlords to draft leases tailored to their particular property, situation, and tenant. A well-drafted lease will help to prevent disputes before they arise and also help in acquiring and retaining tenants; because tenants are comfortable signing our documents that are legal, fair, and understandable.

We also work with tenants to review potential leases before there are entered into. Once the lease is signed the remedies available to a tenant are often determined by the terms of the lease. Don’t make the mistake of hastily signing a lease that could harm you financially and limit your rights.

When a dispute arises the best option is to speak with our experienced Grand Rapids landlord tenant attorneys. The landlord tenant attorneys at Zamzow Fabian PLLC understand how to work with both the landlord and tenant to cost effectively resolve conflicts.

For more information view our article on Security Deposits and Michigan Law.
Condominium Law
Zamzow Fabian PLLC represents condominium developers, condominium associations and unit-owners. Michigan condominium law is frequently changed and can be difficult to understand. Our condominium law attorneys are familiar with the Michigan Condominium Act and can assist you. Contact our condominium law attorneys.

For more information view our article on Condominium Basics.
Land Use & Zoning
Zamzow Fabian PLLC’s attorneys have the experience required to assist developers in complying with local and state rules and regulations. Our lawyers diligently investigate client’s possible land purchases to ensure that zoning will not interfere with their intended use. We also help our clients obtain local and state level approval for development and land use projects.

For more information view our articles on Michigan Land Use, Zoning and Planning and Visited Eminent Domain.

Environmental Law The attorneys at Zamzow Fabian PLLC have significant experience in environmental law. Our environmental law attorneys represent businesses, individuals, and governmental entities. Environmental law can be complex as it often involves common laws, statutes, regulations and administrative guidance on a federal, state, and local level. Our attorneys can assist with the following environmental matters:

We look forwarding to working with you.
Riparian Law / Water Law
In Michigan, land that adjoins a natural body of water has riparian rights. A riparian property owner has unique property rights. The riparian law attorneys can help you understand these rights. There are many instances in which riparian rights can be adversely affected, in these instances it is important to seek an attorney who has specialized knowledge in riparian law.

For more information view our article on Riparian Rights.
Oil and Gas, Mineral Rights, and Energy Law (selective)
Zamzow Fabian PLLC is highly selective when it comes to accepting clients related to mineral or hydrocarbon extraction. First, we only accept clients who are the landowners and companies winding down operations. Second, any client who meets the first criteria is assessed for long term and short term environmental impacts. The laws that regulate the oil and gas industry are vast and rapidly changing. The oil and gas attorneys at Zamzow Fabian PLLC have experience in numerous areas of the oil and gas industry; including: finance issues, real estate sales and acquisitions, oil and gas leases, and contract drafting. As the cost of oil and gas continues to rise new exploration and lower production properties become more viable, our oil and gas attorneys are available to help you navigate the oil and gas industry.
(1) the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act, MCL 37.2101 et seq. prohibiting discrimination applied under MCL 339.2515.
(2) the standard forms pushed by real estate boards, though generally excellent, can be devastating in even slightly unique properties.
(3) Be careful with "as is" clauses. Lorenzo v Noel, 206 Mich App 682, 687, 522 NW2d 724 (1994). M&D, Inc v McConkey, 231 Mich App 22, 37, 585 NW2d 33 (1998).
(4) Despite MCL 324.20101 et seq., protecting most buyers from liability regarding environmental concerns on their new property; consider the environmental hazards before buying.
(5) Land Contracts, MCL 565.351 et seq., provide an excellent opportunity for many buyers, and many sellers; but they are not for everyone's matter.
(6) If you are interested in Condominiums, the Condominium Act, MCL 559.101 et seq., has new effective rules as of January 14, 2014.
(7) The owner of a condominium unit has a fee simple but not an exclusive interest in the condominium property. Cohan v Riverside Park Place Condo Ass’n, 140 Mich App 564, 365 NW2d 201 (1985).
(8) Foreclosures. Mortgages and Creditors Rights During Foreclosure
(9) Hazardous Waste Management Act
(10) Solid Waste Disposal Act
(11) Michigan Water Resources Act
(12) Michigan Air Pollution Act
(13) Michigan Inland Lakes and Streams Act
(14) Michigan Oil and Gas Act
(15) Environmental Response Act (Act 307)
(16) Clean Air Act
(17) Clean Water Act
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