Michigan Liquor Licenses

The Michigan Liquor Control Commission is a panel of five governor appointed commissioners that issues liquor licenses (MCL 436.1201 et seq); the commission has the “sole, right, power, and duty to control the alcoholic beverage traffic… within the state”.  And holders of these liquor licenses and liquor producers naturally employ thousands of people in various establishments (wineries, bars, restaurants, theaters, etc.). A single violation, by the employee or the holder, may jeopardize the business or the other employee’s jobs. It is important that a license holder is diligent in complying with the requirements of the commission.

Common violations, include:
• Right to inspect and search for liquor violation(s)
• Licensee receive aid or assistance (rebate, gift, loan)
• Misdemeanor to sell or furnish alcohol to a minor
• Sell, or serve or allow intoxicated person to consume or loiter
Licensee or employee intoxicated on premises
• Allow person under 21 to consume or posses
• Employ person under 18 years of age
Sell or furnish alcohol to a minor or intoxicated person
Selling alcohol without a license
Gambling or possession of gambling equipment
Unlawful consumption of alcoholic liquor on unlicensed premises
Dancing or entertainment without permit
• Adulterated, misbranded or refilled spirits
Selling or purchasing on credit
Allow alcoholic liquor sold for on-premise consumption to be removed from the premises
• Giving away alcoholic liquor on unlicensed premises
Selling before noon on Sunday without permit
Illegal act on premises
Licensee convicted of a felony, OUIL, etc.
Failure to cooperate with law officers (obstruction)
Knowingly allow soliciting/prostitution
Allowing fights on/in licensed premises
• Controlled substances/narcotics paraphernalia
• Improper or no display of liquor license/permits
• No contests allowed using alcoholic liquor as the prize
• Alteration, sale or transfer portion of premises without permission
• Sales, service, consumption during license suspension
• Illegal use and benefit of a liquor license
• Operation other than legal hours/days

See: Michigan LARA